Before An Air Conditioning Unit Breaks Down, Have It Inspected By An air conditioning Service

Left unserviced, many air conditioners break down in the middle of a big hot spell or another inconvenient time. It can be hard to get air conditioning repairs right away if air conditioning service companies are all booked. Many of the best air conditioning service companies offer very reasonable maintenance and repair programs for their customers. These programs can pay for themselves in money saved when problems are discovered and repaired before they get serious and even compromise the air conditioning system.


Many people do not pay much attention to air conditioning and heating systems as long as they are running well, then feel cheated when they wear out or break down faster than expected. Air conditioning and heating systems work hard and require regular maintenance to continue running smoothly for a longer period of time. In the harsh weather conditions found in Australia, heating and cooling systems should be inspected and services annually to be safe. As seasons change, additional service is recommended.

What can go wrong? Leaves and other debris can build up around the outdoor part of the system blocking air ways and doing other damage. Mold and bacteria may build up in neglected systems causing bad smells and health issues. Condensate drains can become plugged. Filters can become blocked of worn out and need regular replacement. Coils and other parts of the system may become soiled and not operate efficiently. All of these problems can cost the homeowner money in increased electric bills and delayed repair bills or unit replacement.

Regular maintenance of the system can keep the heating or cooling system working efficiently for more years saving on replacement costs. Regular attention can also save on operating and electric costs. Many ducted air conditioning service companies offer special pricing for homeowners who sign up with them for regular, scheduled maintenance programs. This can be very advantageous for the homeowner. If the air conditioning system is relatively new and has a warranty that is still in force, part of the service costs may be covered. It is worth reading the warranty information to see what the requirements are. When the homeowner signs up for regular maintenance, the service will call the day before coming with an approximate time frame they will be coming. Usually, the time will be morning or afternoon, then a call when they are on their way. Have the warranty and system information handy when the service person comes. For more information, go to the website.